Water Filters

Filters are essential on all drip irrigation systems. The filters listed on this page are commonly used for home gardens with a city water faucet. Y filters have larger screens and higher flow capabilities and will operate longer between cleanings than Tee filters.  Y filters havestainless steel screens and a flush valve--These filters should not be used before a timer or valve in a system (ie: they should not be left under constant pressure).

DELUXE HOSE THREAD Y FILTERS STAINLESS STEEL SCREEN (155 mesh or 200 mesh) and flush valve. Hose threads on inlet and outlets. 840 GPH maximum flow rate.

155 mesh screen  SKU 681  $19.45

200 mesh screen SKU 682  $20.95



 For smaller systems (480 GPH or less) having clean water. Tee Filter has Female Hose swivel on the inlet for attaching to a faucet or end of a hose, Male Hose thread on outlet, and it has an easy to remove (Hose cap) stainless steel screen .
Tee Filter
 T Filter with 150 mesh screen SKU 649  $11.95

T Filter with 200 mesh screen SKU 650  $13.00