On this drip irrigation site you'll find what you need to start or add to a drip irrigation system: Drip irrigation supplies, drip irrigation products, drip irrigation parts, including...
Drip Circles--
an innovative approach to tree and shrub watering. Drip Circles are expandable to cover a tree's drip line as the tree grows.

Fertilizer Injectors--
that fertilize as you irrigate with precisely measured amounts. The Add-it and Fertilizer Caddy units are the most reliable and easy to use injectors on the market. For any size system from small gardens to acres of field crops.

& Help, when you need it--
We're happy to answer your questions about our products or about drip irrigation in general and irrigation for your particular situation. You can reach us through the "contact us" form below, or contact by email: wateryourlandscape@gmail.com and we'll answer your questions or respond with a phone call if you give your number and best time to call.

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